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Should or looking to buy a new gaming computer, but do not really know which one suits you best? Then you’ve come to the right! This site is for those who want tips, info and advice for your purchase of a new gaming computer, whether you are considering a laptop or a desktop!

Today’s range of gaming computers are huge and they can cost from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of crowns. Moreover, there are many factors that need to be considered. Finding the best gaming PC based on your needs and requirements can be quite tricky. This is especially true if your budget is quite limited but you still want a good gaming computer that can handle the latest and most demanding games in the graphics settings and with good flow (about 60 FPS or higher). A gaming computer is after all a product that you probably want to use for a relatively long time to come and buy the wrong from the beginning, it can be quite a costly affair.

We will therefore go through different things that may be useful to consider when you’re buying a new gaming computer. We also present the various pros and cons of each portable gaming desktop. Hope you find the information desk and our advice on this site interesting! Nice reading!

Desktop or laptop?

When you’re buying a new gaming computer, you should start by asking yourself the following question: Should I buy a desktop gaming PC or a laptop ? For a number of years ago, the choice was not very difficult between a laptop and a desktop computer. What is the decision that was taken was due mostly to the performance or mobility was the key. Employees and students who worked outside the place of work used to buy a laptop while designers and game enthusiasts bought a gaming desktop. Today’s plenty of gaming notebooks with a good balance between price and performance. It is one of the reasons that more and more people are choosing a portable gaming computer in front of a gaming desktop.

Gaming LaptopĀ BenefitsĀ 


The key advantage of a gaming laptop is of course that it is portable. You can take it anywhere with ease moving it from room to room in the home. For those who want to easily take the gaming computer to your buddy to play with / against each other is a gaming laptop is a perfect alternative. If you also need a laptop to other usage areas than gaming, is a gaming laptop is an obvious choice.

Aesthetics / manageability

Aesthetics and manageability are probably the main reasons why buying a gaming laptop even though you intend to have it in the same place without taking it anywhere. A gaming laptop does not require much space and are often good looking. You will not need a lot of cables and it is easier to keep clean from dust.

Power consumption

A gaming laptop does not require nearly as much power as a desktop gaming computer. The low power consumption is especially true when browsing but also when playing demanding games. Want to make a difference for the environment, you buy a gaming laptop.

Gaming Laptop Cons

One of the disadvantages of a gaming laptop is the relationship between performance and price. In order to run demanding games with great graphics settings and good flow, required a more expensive portable gaming computer versus a desktop gaming PC.

Because gaming notebooks are easy to upgrade, do not skimp too much time of purchase. Admittedly, you can stop in a little more memory and switch to a faster hard drive, but much more than that is not. If any component in the portable gaming computer fails, it is often hard to fix the problem yourself. If the space bar becomes defective so maybe gaming computer is lost on the service in two weeks.

Since computer games are portable, chances are that it will break if you drop it. Moreover, the risk of theft higher.

Gaming Desktop Benefits

If you do not have to move the gaming computer, there are many reasons to buy a gaming desktop. Below we present a list of the benefits of gaming desktop than laptop.


As we mentioned above, the main advantage of a gaming desktop that you get more performance for the money, or simply the same performance at a lower price. For those looking for extreme performance, there is no portable gaming computer that can compare with the best gaming desktop computers. In other words, a gaming desktop virtually the only alternative for those who want to play at very high graphics settings in combination with high resolution and FPS. Should you have a portable gaming computer that is powerful enough to handle newer and advanced games on very high graphics settings, you will have to cough up quite dramatically with the money.

With a gaming desktop will get among other things a lot faster processor, larger amount of internal memory and more powerful graphics card than what you get with a portable gaming computer in the same price range. With a gaming desktop do not need the manufacturer to take into account things such as lack of space, difficulty with cooling and requirements for extra low power consumption in the same way as in a portable gaming computer.

A gaming desktop surpasses almost always a portable gaming computer if you compare price and performance. Powerful graphics are often large and develops a large amount of heat, which makes them fit well in a spacious chassis with good cooling. Do you have a budget but still want to get the maximum performance and FPS is a gaming desktop is almost always the best option.


Other major advantages of desktop gaming computers is that they are easy to upgrade, expand and enhance the functionality of. The requirements for gaming computers is constantly getting higher and higher, and a gaming computer with a few years old can already start to feel sluggish and inadequate. Then there is the possibility that relatively simple upgrade with more internal memory, faster hard drive, replace the processor with a newer or buy a new graphics card.

Even gaming notebooks have been available memory slots, but generally these are occupied by the existing internal memory. If you plan to upgrade, you are therefore required to replace existing cards with new ones, while in a gaming desktop instead usually can insert more memory sticks in addition to those already existing.

Opportunities to upgrade a gaming desktop is basically endless and you can easily upgrade the graphics card, or memory in 1-2 years without replacing the entire gaming computer. In a gaming laptop no such option. A desktop gaming computer, you can expand and build on basically the way you want.

Easier to replace parts

If you happen to spill a glass of water or a cup of coffee over the keyboard, the entire portable gaming computer affected because all the components are located under the keyboard. This can pose serious problems. In the worst case, shorting the entire portable gaming computer and everything crashes. But even if the components survive, you have to replace the keyboard, and it’s something you rarely do yourself. The result is that the entire gaming computer is submitted for repair, which not only takes time but also become very expensive.

The same applies to all other components of the portable gaming computer. The screen will break? Same. The processor, graphics card, hard drive, internal memory … Sure, some things to be replaced in gaming notebooks, but it is rarely profitable or worth the time.

Have you contrast a gaming desktop keyboard is detached. Just unplug it, throw the keyboard and buy a new one for a cheap price.

The ergonomics is much better

If you do not want to destroy the neck and back, you need to think about ergonomics. This is especially true if you sit a lot in front of your gaming computer. Compared with a laptop ergonomics are much better with a gaming desktop. A basic rule is that the top of the screen should be at the same height as your eyes. It does not work if you use a gaming laptop that is normally placed on a table.

Something that is an ergonomic disaster gaming notebooks is its touchpad. This can be avoided by buying a standard external mouse, but you are the person who is often on the move may not be current. The keyboards on portable gaming computers is also not the best.

Display / accessories

The displays are pretty good at new and more expensive gaming notebooks, but some 27 “very high resolution, it is not the question. The best gaming experience you will undoubtedly with a high quality external display connected to a gaming desktop. The same applies to the keyboard and mouse. The best gaming experience is created with an external gaming mouse and an external keyboard games.

Gaming Desktop Cons

A gaming desktop are bulky and require large areas to create a good ergonomic workplace. It is teeming with wires everywhere, it is not always neat and it is sometimes noisy. It is not very smooth so you do not like to move it from room to room in the home. The chassis accumulate large amounts of dust, which requires you to clean regularly (do not use a vacuum cleaner – risk of static electricity).

A major disadvantage when it comes to desktop gaming PC is its impact on the environment and energy bill. Depending on the load can be a powerful gaming computer consume large amounts of power, without a doubt up to 300-400 watts. Do you use it often gives it soon clear verdict. Fortunately, both the newer processors and newer graphics cards have become better at adapting the power consumption by the load. They consume less power when they are used for other than the most demanding (such as computer games). It may therefore be a good idea to consider what you should have it, and be careful not to let it stand and walk when not actively in use.

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