By Rainer502 on 10th October

Why sit inside in front of the desktop when it is summer and sun?Much of your usual office work runs smoothly move into the phone or tablet. In any case, if you have the right apps.

Here are ten of our favorite apps in areas such as word processing, spreadsheet and planning.

Office is the Office – Microsoft Office

You can not get away from that Word, Excel and PowerPoint are more or less standard on the job. With units in less than 10 inches, it is now free to edit, so you do not need a subscription.

Automation for everyone – If By IFTTT

The more online services of various kinds you use, the more useful it becomes, If this, then that – the foremost automation service online. Now, in other words, create smart rules about what services do.

Distraction typewriter – byword

An app that focuses on text and fit perfectly on the iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard. Plain text with formatting via Markdown instead of complex typography.

Make iPhone users announced – Drupe

An app that can never come to the iPhone and almost single-handedly enough to choose Android. Collects contacts and different ways of communicating under one roof with an awesome interface.

Mind maps that work – Mind Node

Mind maps are useful but difficult to get into digital – we have tested numerous programs that are promising but falls flat. This is an app that has succeeded better than many computer programs.

Unique to-do list – Clear

Clear is a unique and idiosyncratic to-do list with a very special interface, which has become so popular that clones have appeared for other operating systems.

Good Microsoft options – Office Suite

Looking for an alternative to MS Office, there are a bunch of options to choose from. This is one of our favorites.

Extending Workspace – Display Duet

Do you have an iPad that is collecting dust, you can get this app and recycle it as an extra monitor to your computer (Mac or Windows). Fast and stable.

Pomodoro on steroids – 30/30

An app with glowing reviews, especially liked by many users with ADHD. Simple planning that tells you when it is time for the next task.

Track of the files – ES File Explorer

If you work with your mobile phone or pad teaches you occasionally miss the Finder / Explorer. On iOS iCloud Drive is the closest you will, but on Android are many file managers. This is one of the best.

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